Lifestyle Consultation

Many individuals are healthily seeking psychologically and philosophically informed guidance for challenges in their day-to-day strivings, whose primary issues do not constitute diagnosable psychological disorders or ‘clinical problems.’  That is, they are not seeking treatment to recover from specific syndromes like Major Depressive Disorder, Panic Disorder, or Postraumatic Stress Disorder as much as they are endeavoring to build more fulfilling lives for themselves in the areas of work, love, self-understanding, and meaning. 

For these individuals who live within the state of Georgia, I offer one-hour lifestyle consultation sessions for personal development and eupathic life skills via a secure and HIPAA-compliant video-messaging platform on the Internet.  While there is some overlap or commonalities between them, lifestyle consultations usually differ from standard psychotherapeutic sessions in that the issues addressed are more topical, pragmatic, and directed toward clarifying the client’s own values, preferences, ambitions, and life goals.  These individually tailored consultations emphasize insight, courage, and personal development, oriented toward making what was unconscious conscious and helping the individual navigate his or her way through life with greater clarity, zest, and satisfaction.  For lifestyle consultations, I offer the client an initial session, following which we can determine whether or not I will be able to offer them the kinds of services they are seeking.

My psychological approach endeavors to integrate relevant information from your:

  • unique personal history
  • interpersonal relationships and family contexts
  • sensory triggers
  • predominant emotions and drives
  • psychological strengths
  • unconscious life plans or implicit overarching goals
  • underlying thoughts, beliefs, and expectancies  


The Consultation Includes ~

A Personal Strengths Assessment

A Multi-Modal Life History Inventory

Description of Current Challenges-In-Living

Social Support Assessment

Self-Esteem Assessment

Directives for Moving Forward


1 Session Lifestyle Consultation
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5 Session Lifestyle Consultation
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